Amber Ale

Thank-you for your interest in Brewery 288.

Soft, tawny, delicately hopped, welcoming, comforting, it's like a warm hug from a friend when you need it most, who doesn't love being caressed by a softly sweet malty teaser = SIMPLY BLISS.

Drinking tip: (APART FROM CONSUME SWIFTLY) keep your beers in the fridge to preserve freshness and keep out light, just remove half hour or so prior to drinking to get to perfect guzzling temperature.

Our brewer is a Chemical Engineer and his mission is to ensure your continued drinking pleasure. All Brewery 288 beer is always being refined and produced to the best possible standards.

Brewery 288 does not pasteurise or sterilise our beer, we do not employ in-line adjustments for ABV or colour or bitterness like many of the big breweries because we believe traditional ale is real ale made with patience, care, love and full respect for the beer, its drinkers and the environment. Expect sediment; pour carefully to avoid but it is most certainly harmless to consume.

All our ales are hand made in our own brewery using British equipment and British suppliers and packaging for your drinking enjoyment.